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Virtual Training Series

Helping Young Supply Company Customers Thrive in the Face of Adversity

Young Supply Company customers can now access Navigating Turbulent Times – a new virtual training series focused on educating contractors on the strategies, tactics and best practices your business can be implementing to conquer the COVID-19 crisis.

The Navigating Turbulent Times Training Series Includes:

Free for All Contractors

Every Wednesday at 10:00 am Pacific (1:00 pm Eastern), EGIA Contractor University faculty members Gary Elekes, Drew Cameron and Weldon Long field your specific business questions live online and provide real-time advice and guidance to overcome the challenges you are faced with.

Available to EGIA Members

Each week, EGIA members have access to a handful of new virtual training sessions conducted by EGIA Contractor University faculty members. These recorded sessions are available on-demand and touch on all of the essential functions of your company with a focus on how you can be adapting your business practices in each area to succeed during these difficult times.

For more information about how you can take full advantage of the special Navigating Turbulent Times training series, call 866-502-2021.
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Young Supply Company is pleased to bring you this informative and innovative video series from one of the leading HVAC contractor training groups, EGIA.

Young Supply is not affiliated, sponsored by or in partnership with EGIA. By entering your email address, you may receive some solicitations for membership or other promotions from EGIA. These are your choice as an independent business owner and are certainly not mandatory.

Many of our dealers utilize EGIA for “best practices” and training for themselves and their teams. We hope you gain some benefit from this series and as always, Thank You For Your Business! We appreciate every time you call or visit Young Supply Company.